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Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure Playmobil, 2013
Day #1,990: June 20, 2018
Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure
Everybody Loves Dinosaurs

Playmobil Promotional Figure
Item No.:
Manufacturer: Playmobil
Includes: Hat, baby stegodaurus, egg, tongs, pouch
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: n/a
Availability: February 2013
Other: Figure from #5230, dinosaur from #5232


Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer FigureThere were no dinosaurs for the bulk of the first 30 years of Playmobil, but now we get a new theme every few years. The 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure is from the second full line, the third series to include any sort of dinosaur figure. It's a Toy Fair sampler made of 2 sets - the figure and accessories are mostly from one set, with the baby stegosaurus and egg coming from another.

Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure

Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer FigureThe human figure is surprisingly good - it has the buttoned- and rolled-up sleeves plus a lot of paint. The vest has painted pockets, as does the shirt with printed buttons and even a belt. A little deco goes a long way, and seeing things like paint on a vest really adds to the figure's overall look. The tanned figure has a beard and a hat, letting you know he's serious about putting small animals in boxes. He has a tong and a box to this end, for reasons I don't know.

The accessories are decent - the hat is a hat, the tongs are tongs, but the box is curious. It has a rubbery blue strap, and an excellent design of a T-Rex on the side. It looks sort of like a Jurassic Park lunchbox. It's just big enough to stow a small dinosaur baby, and it also seems exceedingly cruel to do.

Our unarticulated stegosaurus hatchling comes with an egg. You can pop open the egg and put him inside, or put it inside the little box after it hatches. The egg itself is yellow with tiny green speckles, so it looks sort of like a fancy jellybean. I like it. It has little cracks in it, and the hinge is both inspired and pretty durable. I vastly prefer a jointed hinge over a thin piece of bendable, breakable plastic.

These promo sets are really neat, but not necessarily for everybody - you can (and should) get the big sets from which they come usually. It's a great way for a toy buyer to sample the wares and realize that yes indeed, Playmobil is great. If you can get this set cheap, it has a neat pillow box and good parts - but you can get those same parts in intended-for-consumption sets with even more good parts. Also Playmobil has a new dinosaur theme this year - you should get some.

--Adam Pawlus

Additional Images

Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure
Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure
Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure
Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure
Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure Playmobil 2013 Toy Fair Dinos Explorer Figure

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