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Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Mattel, 2017
Day #1,873: January 8, 2018
Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal VehicleGlow Wheels Loopster
HW Glow Wheels 9/10 - #328 / 365

Hot Wheels 2017 HW Glow Wheels 9/10 Basic Cars
Item No.:
Asst. L2593 No. DTY37
Manufacturer: Mattel
Includes: n/a
Action Feature: Rolling wheels, glows in the dark
Retail: $1.00
Availability: ca. Fall 2017
Other: Collect All Several


Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal VehicleWe looked at the first version of this car a few years ago, and just like that one this Glow Wheels Loopster has a variant - some of the passengers have their arms up on some releases. Mine is an all-down version, which I saw and had to get because the black car with the glow wheels and not-glowing accents was too cool to skip. I'm disappointed that the paint on the chassis doesn't glow, but it looked awesome.

The black car grabbed my eyes when I walked by the car aisle - the dots and borders reminded me of Pac-Man, and the glowing wheels are the kind of thing I buy because I'm a glow-obsessed doofus. The only things that glow are the wheels, a fact which I did not know upon purchase.

Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal Vehicle

The figures are helmeted and in a restraint so they don't die when you send them through track loops - sold separately. If you buy multiples, you can link these cars together thanks to a series of clips on the front and the back. The coloring is quite nice, I daresay the finest the design has received to date.

Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal Vehicle

It's a buck and it glows. Since I first started seeing it before Christmas, right when the 2018 cars were hitting, I assume it could come and go in a hurry. I saw it, didn't buy it, regretted it, and immediately bought it the next time I saw one. (If I see the arms-up version, I might buy another.) This isn't going to change your life, but if you like things that glow in the dark? You probably already have one in your home or office.

--Adam Pawlus

Additional Images

Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal Vehicle Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal Vehicle

Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal Vehicle Mattel Hot Wheels Glow Wheels Loopster Die-Cast Metal Vehicle

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