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RIP Stadia, Big Surprise There
September 30, 2022
Star Wars Review: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Wandering Jedi, The Retro Collection)

Star WarsVia the Star Wars Galactic Hunter Figure of the Day Blog: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Wandering Jedi, The Retro Collection). Let's wrap up Old School September with this figure that looks like it came out of 1984. He's got a blaster, he's got a lightsaber, and he has one of Hasbro's very best Jedi Robes - which is surprising, given it's a retro figure. I really like this one. Read the whole review.


Nintendo Switch This Week

Nintendo SwitchArcade Archives The Return of ISHTAR This week's batch of titles on the eShop: Escape Goat, Voodoo Detective, Arcade Archives The Return of ISHTAR, and over a dozen more.


Buy The Pin
RIP Coolio
September 29, 2022
Review: Fisher-Price Adventure People X-Ray Woman Action Figure

Figure of the DayFisher-Price Adventure People X-Ray Woman Action FigureSomething new every day-- unless it's old! Our exciting Figure of the Day continues for you lucky people! Is there anything we won't cover in this column? Probably not!

Old! The Fisher-Price Adventure People X-Ray Woman Action Figure is a real classic! The clear construction shows a lack of pins in the body, everything matches up quite well despite the head being opaque. And she's not too expensive for a 40-year-old figure. So read on, and come back tomorrow for more fun!


HasLab Adds Robby Reyes Head

MarvelGet a Head and Be WealthyVia @HasbroPulse on Twitter: Robbie is back with a vengeance! The Ghost Rider 6-Inch figure will come with a human-form alternate head & sweatshirt hood accessory to covert into Robbie Reyes. The HasLab campaign needs 9,000 backers and will run until 10/31/22. See for more details!

Earlier, an early bird goal was a whole figure with new deco and the Robbie head. The goal was missed so the figure was cut, but they kept the head in as an accessory for the main figure. So now, you get one body with two heads, and not two bodies with two heads.

The figure's numbers had been dipping up and down all day on Wednesday. I saw it go as low as 5,420 earlier in the day. At press time, it's at 5,459. (It was 5,461 just before I uploaded the file - it dipped 2 in a couple of minutes.) That's down from around 5,800 last Friday. (I am not buying this one as I am trying to cut back Marvel to small stuff only, but it's fascinating to watch and I want to keep this record of it.)


Don't Scare the Ghost Away
September 28, 2022
Star Wars Review: Death Star Droid (Black, Custom)

Star WarsVia the Star Wars Galactic Hunter Figure of the Day Blog: Death Star Droid (Black, Custom). I was sent a fan-made custom of this figure over 25 years ago, but this made-from-new-molds "custom" is brand-new and has a shiny black finish. The detail is a little soft, but it still looks good standing in a playset or on a shelf. Read the whole review.


HasLab Ghost Rider Coming Up Short

MarvelRSVP RobbieVia HasLab: Marvel Legends HasLab Engine of Vengeance failed to hit its Early Bird goal for Robbie Reyes is a neat idea, but expensive, and one that continues a decline. Normally losing a few buyers is no big deal, but it is down close to 400 since last week.

As of Sunday night before posting the Monday update, it was 5,647 (and dipped by 2 immediately after posting. I believe its height was around 5,800 last week.) I noticed it dipped a bit every time I reloaded the page on Tuesday, and by press time overnight Tuesday it was down to 5,435. Short of a massively cool incentive, it is unlikely that Hasbro will have much success on this one. The Cobra HISS was both taller and longer - but I'm not sure about wider - and it was cheaper, with a lower minimum number of units to fund. At $250 the Engine of Vengeance would be a mighty tempting piece, but much like the overpriced (but close-to-barely-funding) Rancor, well, it's all up to you guys if you want to make it happen. At this rate I assume it'll get close to funding, but likely won't make it.

It would be my hope that we see some cheaper items, and if that means a basic item for $200 with a $50 add-on or just generally items that don't seem quite as expensive. To put it in perspective, while this car does have a lot of moving parts and some electronics, a similarly sized Fortnite Motorboat is under $100 and has a similar - if not possibly superior - amount of paint applications.


X-Men, Still Mutants
September 27, 2022
Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends 375 Iceman Action Figure

Figure of the DayHasbro Marvel Legends 375 Iceman Action FigureSomething new every day-- unless it's old! Our exciting Figure of the Day continues for you lucky people! Is there anything we won't cover in this column? Probably not!

From last year! The Hasbro Marvel Legends 375 Iceman Action Figure is one of the X-Men and also Spider-Man's amazing friends... and it's not a bad release from Hasbro either. Mostly clear blue, with mostly no paint, and no accessories, I assume this was a dirt cheap figure to make as it also reuses a lot of body parts. But hey, I had to get him to go with Spidey and Firestar. (I still need to open Firestar.) Read on, and come back tomorrow for more fun!


RIP Louise Fletcher
September 26, 2022
Star Wars Q&A at Galactic Hunter

Q&A by Adam PawlusGalactic Hunter Star Wars NewsGalactic Hunter has posted a Q&A: The Really Big Star Wars Hasbro Figures and Customs of Days Gone By. It's new! Be sure to click through and read up on the latest!

Be sure to send in your questions for the next thrilling update!


Marvel HasLab Legends - Early Bird Misses Target, Backers Decline

MarvelRSVP RobbieVia HasLab: Marvel Legends HasLab Engine of Vengeance failed to hit its Early Bird goal for Robbie Reyes. The campaign continues through October 31.

What's particularly unfortunate for those wanting this figure is that the number of backers dropped - it was over 5,800 on Friday, and at press time is at 5,647. A lot can happen in a month, but successful HasLabs generally don't see a dip in support. (But the Rancor sure did.) There could be a last-minute rally and it could still succeed but I wouldn't hold your breath for any of those stretch goals. If you want this car to get made, you should probably stop dragging your feet.


Cheap Black Light LED Strips at Walmart

The Outer Space Men Live at Tramps 1996 New York CityVia the he Outer Space Men News Blog: 2010-2012 The Outer Space Men Shine With Cheap Black Light Strips. They're good for any glow-in-the-dark green toys, but I haven't had a lot to say about The Outer Space Men lately so I went with them. These cheap packs of black light LEDs can be found at Walmart for about $6. They run off USB, so you may have a power bank, outlet, or other gizmo to plug in handy.

For Glyos fans, they caused the green glow figures and white figures to shine nicely. The blue glow doesn't really react to these particular lights very well, but some very high-powered UV LEDs do work a little better. Your best bet with the blue glow seems to be the Sun.

If you're wondering "hey, what happened with that line?" the answer is "not much." We got more Bluestar figures at increasingly high costs, but the promised soft vinyl Astro-Nautilus and hinted-at new painted figures never materialized. I'm hoping to see a few more before the line ends, assuming it does.


Analogue Pocket gets Sega Genesis Core Alpha

Game BoyExtra 16-BitsVia @ericlewis: Genesis for Analogue Pocket (version 0.0.3). What does this mean? Many games boot, some are playable, and a bunch don't work yet. It's a really solid start.

Here's a list to all currently known cores, which makes it seem that the Pocket will some day be a de facto portable MiSTer.


Support and Galactic Hunter via Patreon

16bit.comWe're taking donations for server costs! Really. One of the rewards is Q&A a few days early - you can read next Monday's installment as soon as it's ready, which can be as early as 1:00 AM my time on Monday!

Become a Patron!

If you've got a dollar a month to share, please Visit the Galactic Hunter Patreon and help cover our server costs. I'll still put in hours of work, writing, photography, and research - I just need some help making sure that the site costs me only time, and hopefully not money. Thanks for your support!


Robbie Reyes Marvel Legends Cutoff Day
September 23, 2022
Star Wars Review: Fifth Brother (The Retro Collection)

Star WarsVia the Star Wars Galactic Hunter Figure of the Day Blog: Fifth Brother (The Retro Collection). It's a good one - I like the double-bladed lightsaber, I like the lack of a vinyl cape, I like how he stands and sits and fits in my vehicles. He's fun to fuss with and arguably one of the best figures to get thanks to his cool hat. (Sure he's not doing much on the show but at least you get a decent action figure.) Read the whole review.


Willow ReAction Figures at Disney Parks, NBA at Hasbro

ToysD23 ExclusiveVia Super7: The Super7 Willow ReAction Figure is now available exclusively at @DisneyParks ! Photo by xtimmycorex.

Previously this figure debuted at D23, and this version of Willow (with baby Elora Danan) is exclusive to some sort of Disney retail infrastructure.

Holey MoleyHasbro made good on its threat for new Starting Lineup action figures. They're $49.99 each, and include (their words) a flight stand, a ball, alternate hands, a trading card, and an NFT. As most of them seem to have unique heights and different builds, the higher cost is not entirely unexpected - but the NFT seems a bit much. These are exclusive to Fanatics and Hasbro Pulse, and as I know next to nothing about sports I likely will never mention them again.

Back in the 1990s, Kenner's Starting Lineup figures were kind of a big deal, with people literally lining up in front of new toy stores to grab them and such. Somewhat surprisingly, graded trading cards from those figures can be quite expensive, often more so than an ungraded carded figure. It is not for me to understand.


Nintendo Switch This Week

Nintendo SwitchShovel Knight Dig This week's batch of titles on the eShop: Shovel Knight Dig, Arcade Archives ROMPERS, Kraken Smash: Volleyball, and over a dozen more.


Andor Is Slow
September 22, 2022
Review: Super7 G.I. Joe Red Ninja ReAction Figure

Figure of the DaySuper7 G.I. Joe Red Ninja ReAction FigureSomething new every day-- unless it's old! Our exciting Figure of the Day continues for you lucky people! Is there anything we won't cover in this column? Probably not!

So retro - and on clearance if you can find one! The Super7 G.I. Joe Red Ninja ReAction Figure is a simple repaint, but if you can stumble on one for under $6 it's a total bargain. (And I did.) So read on, and come back tomorrow for more fun!


Toy Commercials vs. Toy Cartoons

ToysI had no idea this was a show right nowVia Deadline: FCC Proposes $3.4 Million In Fines To Stations For Violating ChildrenŐs Ad Limits With Hot Wheels Commercials. Basically, a channel aired Hot Wheels toy ads during a Hot Wheels cartoon. To try to pretend you weren't showing kids 30-minute toy commercials, the legal precedent before was that you couldn't sell ads for G.I. Joe toys during a cartoon. (Although, for an interesting loophole, you could put in ads for the comic book series.)

This is why you had a channel like Hasbro's The Hub who needed to reach out to Mattel, MGA, and other toymakers to advertise too - you couldn't populate the whole thing with on-brand Hasbro ads. (I have no idea what the YouTube advertising equivalent rules are.)

If memory serves, the reason for this is that it's assumed kids may not really be able to completely separate when the TV show ends and the ad begins, despite the tonal and stylistic changes, but the very fact that pages like this exist to talk about TV-advertised toys 20-40 years after the fact shows just how effective that kind of marketing can truly be. If you were born in the 1970s or 1980s (or maybe 1990s) and are reading this, you probably watched a lot of TV shows that were 30-minute toy ads, stuffed with spots for Happy Meals and video games and, of course, action figures. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it is a chillingly effective technique in separating kids from their money (and, clearly, adults too.) When Disney+ and Netflix start serving ads on their shows that very clearly tie in with licensed products, this could result in even more stories and conflicts like this one.


Obligatory Greeting, Joe
September 21, 2022
Star Wars Review: Darth Vader (Dark Times, The Retro Collection)

Star WarsVia the Star Wars Galactic Hunter Figure of the Day Blog: Darth Vader (Dark Times, The Retro Collection). White what-if figure offers a cloth cape and a non-telescoping lightsaber, giving us a functionally very different Dark Lord of the Sith toy. Unfortunately the sculpting is the flattest of the wave, with some areas having less sculpted detail than the 1978 original. (But it's still really neat.) Read the whole review.


Marvel HasLab Legends - Now with Mephisto

MarvelMarvel Legends HasLab Engine of VengeanceVia HasLab: Marvel Legends HasLab Engine of Vengeance adds Mephisto at 12,000 backers. (They are not at 12,000 backers yet but are near 4,300.)

There's a bonus figure if the toy hits 9,000 by Friday which is not impossible, but looking unlikely. If you're on the fence about the $350 muscle car, this might be a good time to bounce on board.


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