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People Like To Put My Television Down
June 1, 2009
Review: Trivial Pursuit for Xbox 360

Xbox 360Trivial PursuitWhile we haven't had the best luck with the EA Hasbro board games made so far, we had a pretty fantastic time with Trivial Pursuit.

The good: Multiple choice answers make it playable, a crawl gives you stats, multiple gaming modes allow the game to go more quickly or more slowly.

The bad: No online multiplayer, only two DLC packs released thus far (three if you count GameStop exclusive pack.)

We played multiple games in all modes, and had a reasonably good time as these kinds of game go. Read on to see what we had to say!


Star Wars Q&A, Figure of the Day Updated at Galactic Hunter

Q&A by Adam PawlusGalactic Hunter Star Wars NewsGalactic Hunter has posted a new Q&A column this week! Be sure to click through and read up on the latest!

Emperor PalpatineFigure of the Day has updated once again! The daily feature on figures you might have but might not-- either way, here's what you've been missing! Spanning from the original Power of the Force series of 1995 to the latest of The Legacy Collection, it's almost like a history lesson! Today: Holographic Emperor Palaptine, exclusive 2008 edition. Modeled after the DVD release form 2004, this features the revised dialogue from the famous scene in The Empire Strikes Back in its entirety. It also doesn't have any articulation to speak of. Go to Figure of the Day for the next update, with the latest installment in our ongoing series!

Also, we wrote an article for Entertainment Earth's new blog concerning vintage figures which haven't yet been modernized.


New Bootleg DC Super Powers Line Exposed

DC ComicsWonder Twins!A peculiar line of bootleg figures has appeared! But you maybe knew that. If not, get a gander at this great article at the Action Figure Insider regarding such oddities as Bruce Lee, Zan, Captain Atom, a unique Riddler, and many others. If nothing else, it's worth checking out for the package artwork.


Sony "accidentally" Leaks new PSP Go

PSPFight!Apparently Sony "leaked" news of its PSP Go, a new portable with 16 gigs of storage, a flip-out screen, and other bells and whistles. you can read about it elsewhere. No price or release, but packaging shots got out too so we have to assume anyone calling this a "rumor" has their head in the sand at this stage.


Madballs to get Video Game! Yes, We Know It's 2009!

Xbox Live ArcadeMadballs in Babo: InvasionWe were shocked when we got the news, but it seems Canadian developer Playbrains is mining the 1980s toy line Madballs for a game release! Madballs in Babo: Invasion is an upcoming Xbox 360 and PC title featuring the freaky spheres, due this Summer. Depending on the mode you select, it supports 1-16 players, has tons of maps, and avatar support. The developer posted a video trailer, which you may as well go look at. We're not sure what to make of it other than that it looks like we have to try it.

There was a brief attempt by Art Asylum to relaunch the Madballs toy franchise a few years ago which, obviously, did not exactly turn into anything big-- as such, we'll be keeping an eye on this one.


Transformers Botcon 2009 News Round-Up

TransformersCon Bots!This weekend in Pasadena, there were many panels, announcement, and apparently, things vaguely resembling apologies. What did you miss? Well, we'll link you to some highlights via The Allspark.

  • New Classic-themed or "Universe" toys won't be out until 2010 (unless you count some movieverse or G1 exclusives)
  • The fan club will have an exclusive Punch/Counterpunch based on the Universe Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mold (pictured)
  • A movieverse "Lockdown" is coming, based on the cartoon character
  • At least two movieverse "Bludgeons" are coming, one apparently very much in line with the spirit of the original Pretenders toy
  • Numerous Animated toys (Arcee, Rodimus, Cybertron Ratchet, Ironhide, many others) are coming "in the future" but where and when remains to be seen
  • Masterpiece Grimlock may be released in the next 18 months in the USA
  • Wal-Mart will be carrying a repainted Masterpiece Skywarp
  • Wal-Mart will be getting nifty movie repaints of Universe Powerglide in red, others in the movie line
  • Target and Toys "R" Us will be getting transformable and non-transformable Titanium Series exclusives, respectively
  • Toys "R" Us will be getting G1 reissues of the Insecticons (boxed set), Perceptor
  • Target will be getting an exclusive "Burning" Fallen, like so many Star Wars exclusives from 2005 and 2006

Our pick of the litter is Punch/Counterpunch. We want that. Badly. Almost as bad as the dialogue the character had in "The Rebirth" episodes of the original cartoon.


Calling Sister Midnight
June 2, 2009
Star Wars Figure of the Day Updated at Galactic Hunter

Galactic Hunter & Star Wars NewsEndor LeiaFigure of the Day has updated once again! The daily feature on figures you might have but might not-- either way, here's what you've been missing! Spanning from the original Power of the Force series of 1995 to the latest of The Legacy Collection, it's almost like a history lesson!

Today we look at the 1997 Endor Princess Leia, the first one of the modern era. Also, she's one of the best. Go to Figure of the Day for the next update, with the latest installment in our ongoing series!


E3 Is On, There Is Much News

Video GamesMonkey IslandSweet merciful crap, we got a lot of press announcements and such today. We're going to do our best to summarize what we feel the most important bits of news are for our loyal audience, according to our expert demographics software which we call "letting the editor pick."

Franchise News

  • Monkey Island: Original Secret of Monkey Island game being remade, rereleased for Xbox Live Arcade/PC. It will allow you to swap between "classic" and "remade" modes, presumably like R-Type Dimensions. New 5-part Tales of Monkey Island coming from Telltale Games for PC/Xbox 360. The PC release (a season of episodes) starts July 7. It appears Telltale Games is on its way to being our new best friends.
  • Metal Gear Solid: From Konami, "Raiden Stars in the First Metal Gear Solid Game to Hit the Xbox 360." No release date.
  • Halo: Halo 3 ODST coming this Fall, $60 SRP, includes access to beta for online Halo: Reach game. A really spiffy controller is coming in a Halo 3 ODST bundle for $100.
  • Crackdown, Left 4 Dead sequels coming to Xbox 360
  • TMNT: Smash Up to do for the turtles what Smash Bros. did for Nintendo's mascots this September
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 release Spring 2010, PS3 release presumably near that
  • Castlevania: Kojima may be working on a new game. Yes, Kojima, and not IGA.
  • LEGO: A LEGO Harry Potter game focusing on years 1 through 4 will be released in 2010 by Traveler's Tale Games; LEGO Indiana Jones 2 has been apparently un-cancelled and is coming complete with a new level editor and a mix of old and new stages. Meaning you'll probably get some stuff from the previous game in this one.

Hardware News

  • Natal: Xbox 360 input device recognizes voice, movement, object recognition. Apparently allows you to buzz in on game show games, communicate with on-screen characters.
  • The Xbox 360 wiimote thing still coming, still with "Squeeball"


  • Xbox 360: Getting Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM integration. Why, we don't know.
  • Epic to release interesting 2D Contra/Metroid hybrid Shadow Complex
  • Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade 2009 to include: Trials HD, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-shelled, Splosion Man, Shadow Complex, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Releases start July 22, 2009... but the order is unknown.

Sony and Nintendo still have announcements to make, and presumably there will be more Microsoft news in the coming days as well. There's a lot more news, this is just what we found the most interesting.


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