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The LEGO Batman Movie Catman LEGO, 2017
Day #1,680: April 12, 2017
The LEGO Batman Movie Catman Action FigureCatman
Not Wolverine

The LEGO Batman Movie Blind Bag Figure
Item No.:
No. 71017
Manufacturer: LEGO
Includes: Stand, cape, cowl, claws
Action Feature: n/a
Retail: $3.99
Availability: January 2017
Other: Not a Batman Disguise


CatmanWhen you're at Toys R Us in Phoenix, you see a lot of blind bag LEGO figures near the entrance for some reason - I think it used to be limits or theft, now it's just habit. I got Catman because I was buying a $16 figure and had $20 in store credit to spend - waste note, lest ye get wasted or whatever the saying is. I enjoyed the movie enough in February that it seemed worth seeing what I'd get. There were 20 figures, and lots of them were really cool. I'd be lying if I said Catman was my top choice, but hey, I got it.

CatmanThe figure's cowl is different than Batman's, which surprises me given how easy it would have been to reuse the same cowl from the Bat-bags. It works pretty much the same way - the minifigure head has a white headband that functions as eyes once the mask goes on. There's also a belt piece rather than just painting it on the torso, as was the case in older Batman figures. Catman's claws are hand-held weapons that look like Wolverine's claws. Hey, it works.

Thanks in part to the belt, the torso has to have a little more detail to stand out - you've got a belt protruding slightly, and now you've got a bulked-up drawing of a body on the brick stomach. It works. LEGO even painted the boots, which helps add some life to a figure that could be a little dull. I mean, I remember when you never saw paint on the arms or legs, because I'm just that old.

The LEGO Batman Movie Catman Action Figure

The slightly angry, slightly scruff face under the mask looks pretty sharp. Thomas Blake would be proud. Many of the characters in The LEGO Batman Movie are something of a joke. If they aren't, they hired comedians as voice actors to make them funnier giving old, crusty fans a reason to want The Calculator or The Mime. If they can't dazzle you with their obscurity, they'll deliver on your love of Doug Benson to sell you on Bane. I'm pretty sure Catman didn't speak, so you're stuck with whatever love you have for this somewhat strange creation who is about as convincing as a cat as me wearing an "I Can Has Cheezburger" sign written in Sharpie. If nothing else, it looks true to the source material - but do you want it? Probably not. At least LEGO made it look good. Goodbye, $4.

--Adam Pawlus

Additional Images

The LEGO Batman Movie Catman Action Figure The LEGO Batman Movie Catman Action Figure
The LEGO Batman Movie Catman Action Figure The LEGO Batman Movie Catman Action Figure
The LEGO Batman Movie Catman Action Figure

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