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Captain McCallister Playmates Toys, 2001

One of the most wanted figures around the office, Captain McCallister shows that the World of Springfield line evolved into a toy line with a truly great product.

McCallister comes with three accessories (pipe, corked spear, drum of tuna) and has four points of articulation. His pipe can be placed in and removed from a small hole in his face. On his packaging, only one compatible playset is listed-- the Church-- which is unavailable as of his initial release.

The sculpt of the figure is top notch, easily one of the best in the series if not one of the best in the line so far. The details are just where you want 'em, and the expression is dead on. He is posed so he can just stand there, scratch his head, and even hold the pipe to his face-- in a day of highly articulated toys, this may not seem like much but with only four joints this shows that Playmates either spent a lot of time making the perfect sculpt or, to quote source materials with which you should be familliar, "pulled a Homer." The colors are also great, with the figure being slightly "tanned"-- a slight orange hue gives the figure a more seaworthy look.

The accessories are perfect for the figure. The pipe can go in his mouth or in his hand (or both at once,) the spear with a cork on it is amusing to say the least, and there's a tub of The Frying Duchman Brand Tuna.

The tub of tuna has some very small text on the back, which is a little tough to read. It is as follows:
"Tuna from the semi-toxic Springfield Harbor
Canned in a more or less clean factory by black-market Howler Monkeys
No Dolphins were harmed in the making of this product.

Caution: Avoid prolonged contact with skin."

Additional pics available via the box below the image. Please allow for some loading time. Please take note that some images were altered slightly in order to show detail which that would be otherwise lost.

Captain McCallister
5.1 inches
Playmates Toys

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