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New York's American International Toy Fair Hasbro Event February 20, 2011

This is the good one, America! At least, that seems to be the buzz from New York. The enthusiasm for this movie was generally quite present, with promised explosions and World War II-era action. Cap's vehicles look like they could be repainted and repurposed in the G.I. Joe line, and things like the disc-throwing roleplay shield could be really fun for kids if the movie takes off. It's a little depressing to see these Marvel movies launch without Superhero Squad lines to join them, but a couple of 3-packs are better than nothing.

As action figure lines go, I don't think I've ever seen this much red, white, and blue in a single toy line. Hasbro incorporated figures from the movie and the comic books, giving collectors something they can get behind while not denying kids a souvenir of the flick's hero in any of a multitude of formats. While most of the figures are new (or new enough) sculpts, I was particularly taken with Captain Britain's rocket launcher-- which I believe is the same one used in Deep Dive Iron Man in 2010.

Much like X-Men Origins: Wolverine I expect this to be a shorter-run line. Hasbro can basically milk it for all it's worth between the theatrical and DVD windows, but I can't say I expect it to stick around as a stand-alone thing in 2013. Thank heavens for The Avengers movie, as that should help get us more comic figure goodness.

--Adam Pawlus

Additional Images

Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor
Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor
Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor
Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor
Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor
Toy Fair 2011 - Hasbro - Marvel - Thor

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