Sunday, February 3, 2008

4076 Dinosaur Series Multipack

As Star Wars and other action figure collectors know, nifty multi-packs or "playpacks" are often sold in Europe which consist of a number of toys in a big, lavish box. Playmobil Set 4076 is a fine example of this, as (so far as we can tell) it hasn't been offered in any English-speaking nations. The packaging is the collectible here, and you'll find sets 3170, 3191, and 3193 all in one big box.

We're not quite sure what the deal with it is. Is this an exclusive? Was this a reissue? When did it come out? Was this widely available in Europe and being the Ugly Americans we are, we just don't know any better? No idea. But there you have it-- it's a unique set which collects nearly half of the entire frozen Dinosaur collection, and has all three sets which include non-skeletal creatures.

Click on the image to check out the item on German eBay. It will bring up all Playmobil 4076 products that are presently active, so there may or may not be anything to see when you click the link.

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