Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Playmobil Toys "R" Us Sale

There's a sale going on now at most/all USA Toys "R" Us stores. A number of sets are marked down $2-$5 off, including those new pull-back racers and the newly reshipped Skate Park. Selection varies by store, so if you've been putting a few purchases off, now may be a good time to see if there's something of value for you at the toy store with the freakish cartoon giraffe.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Playmobil 5820 Vet with Foal

What's more fun than having the vet come to you? The 5820 Vet with Foal is a blister-packaged set much like we see at US mass market destinations like Target and Toys "R" Us, but includes an animal rather than a second figure. The vet appears to be new, and the foal looks a little horse. (Sorry.) It's not yet known if this set will eventually be salted into US blister assortments, but one can hope. And, failing that, one can import it on eBay.

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Playmobil 4349 Kids, Rodents, Wagon

If you like small animals without the giant sets, the 4349 Bollerwagen mit Kleintieren might be the thing for you. In English, it's two children, a wagon, a pair of bunnies, and a hedgehog. There's also a box-- a bunny's natural habitat-- as well as a grey food dish. The wagon's deco is quite striking and is covered with foul fowl, and the kids' deco seems new. All in all, a decent small set.

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Playmobil 4348 Mother, Daughter, & Guinea Pigs

In addition to eBay, Playmobil's German site is showcasing these new sets like the 4348 Meerschweinchenterrarium, or a little guinea pig habitat. The cavies seem identical to previous releases, but the people (and the inclusion of veggies) is new, as is the "tank." In Germany the set retails for under 7 Euro... or Euros. Whatever.

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Playmobil 4347 Children with Cats

Next up on this parade of newness is 4347 Children with Cats. While there are no cheeseburgers to be seen, this fairly tiny set features two kids, a cat "condo," a food dish, and a little house. In short, it looks like a $8 set. More as we have it.

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Playmobil 4346 Vet Clinic

While checking eBay last week, we spotted a few new (to us) sets. First up in this parade is the 4346 Vet Clinic. Currently available only in Europe, the set sports four animals, two medical professionals, and lots of equipment. There are also a couple of small cages and an X-ray machine. Short of a waiting room and a massive bill, this seems to be a fairly robust little set. I'll post more about a US release if/when it comes to pass, or if you guys have seen anything, do let me know.

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