Sunday, March 30, 2008

5833 Speedboat with Underwater Motor in USA

A new set is showing up in US stores. The 5833 Speedboat with Underwater Motor can be found at several retail Toys "R" Us stores for a mere $9.99 a pop. You get a boat, a motor for said boat, and a figure in a box. If you consider that the motor itself sells for $5.99 direct (or through stores that sell the add-ons line), it's a pretty sweet deal overall. Happy hunting!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4414 Skate Park Returns to US Retail

While rumors are flying to the contrary, we're happy to report that the Toys "R" Us chain is getting in 4414 Playmobil Skate Park sets once more. They're $29.99 each and seem to be in non-mass-market packaging, which means the sets we saw were not specifically named on the box. Since a number of sellers on eBay are claiming this one is long gone, you might want to hit up your local stores before paying a premium on the secondary market.

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New Flying Knight at Klickywelt

We don't have the full story yet, but Klickywelt user streuner posted three pictures of what appears to be a legit winged knight figure. the image shows a pair of wings, and the figure's backside reveals the wings to be removable from the knight.

According to the posts, it appears to be a USA exclusive, but details are few (und auf Deutsch.) Click the image to see the thread at Klickywelt.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Sea Themed Sets at Toys "R" Us, Fry's Marketplace, Fred Meyer

After weeks of waiting, we're glad to say that the 5834 Shark Cage and 5835 Sea Life Show have shown up in the USA at Toys "R" Us, which means it should see decent distribution. We spotted these at the Porter Ranch Toys "R" Us in Los Angeles, and the items are also available from the Toys "R" Us web site as reported previously.

What's more, the forum users out there (see links to the right) have reported seeing some of these at Fred Meyer and Fry's Marketplace grocery stores. These are owned by the Kroger company, as many grocers are, so check your local Kroger-variant for more. (Fry's Marketplace is not related to Fry's Electronics, nor is it identical to Fry's Food & Drug-- Fry's Marketplace actually has a significant toy and general merchandise selection, and is found in Phoenix, Arizona.)

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Target Playmobil Sale

Target stores in the USA are currently running a temporary price cut on a number of items, including the take-along castle, the pull-back dragsters, the Roman Charriot, and others. In short, any item that's normally $9.99 or more is marked down $2 or more. Check your local stores for pricing and availability.

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