Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Mass Market US Sets Hit eBay Target

So far, four sets have appeared which mix existing parts into pleasing ways. We have not yet spotted these in the wild, but odds are they're hitting Targets. Here are some links to auctions showing the images which, if you're too far in the future, will be long dead.

5897: Orca Whale Watching - Orca, boat, figure, similar to a set sold about 14 years ago
5898: Alaska Set - SUV, moose. Gotta get a moose.
5884: Deluxe Mermaids Blister Pack - Mermaid (adult), Mermaid (girl), big seahorse, little seahorse, clam, etc.
5888: Deluxe Knights Blister - Horse, weapon rack, knights, weapons, helmets, the works

Happy Hunting, and Happy New Year! UPDATE DECEMBER 31 2009: The large blisters showed up at a Los Angeles-area Target for $5.99. The large moose set was $19.99. No sign of the Orca at press time. UPDATE JANUARY 1 2010: The 5897 Orca set was spotted by us at a Target around Oxnard, CA. $9.99, cheep.

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