Friday, June 26, 2009

In Case You Missed It (30 Years Ago): Vintage Bank Director

Playmobil is older than I am, so I get a kick out of seeing a toy line that has basically outlived nearly every other toy figure ever produced without significant retooling. It's a real treat to go back and see what has come before... and that the developers always had a strong sense of humor.

This Bank Director was found on eBay Germany-- of course-- and has to be a report card gift if you weren't a quick study. The line included native Americans, cowboys, Knights... and a banker. This sealed, 1976 toy speaks volumes. It's rare a kid can't be bothered to play with a toy, and while the old-timey desk and bag are kinda neat, I can almost hear the crying children that received this one 33 years ago.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playmobil Picture Post: Western 3786 Sheriff's Office

Sold from 1994-2003, give or take a week. This set was taken in my back yard because the power went out and I didn't really have a better idea of what to do as I had some writing to do that couldn't be done.
[ See the gallery on Flickr ]

This set is pretty swell, and is the most recent all-new Sheriff's Office. The break-away wall is one of my favorite action features in any Western-themed set, plus the broom, buckets, spittoons, guns, more guns, and gun rack make for a good time. It cost me $47 at the Hobby Bench a few years ago, when I used to live across the street from a mall in Arizona. Let me tell you, that's good times. If you have the means to pick up the set, it's worth getting the original release due to the nifty accessories and the crook figure which has a black eye.

It was reissued recently as 7378 Sheriff's Office for about $30, but it's missing all the accessories which add to its charm. But if you already have guns, desks, and figures, it's certainly a cheaper way to get the same building.

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Too Good To Be True: Custom Western Sets from Germany

If you've ever spent hours looking up things in a language you don't understand as well as you probably should, having had classes for four years, you may understand why it's frustrating when you see something this awesome which you later realize is a fan-produced customized set.

How depressing.

German eBay sellers are making total conversions of older sets into some pretty amazing sets. Pictured is a Whiskey Distillery, which is made using some custom signs which have been circulating and a number of off-the-shelf kegs, barrels, and other parts and pieces.

Also up for grabs are some Undertaker kits, but those seem to have vanished. The means to make your own signs are still there though.

So enjoy, Klicky fans, these things which you simply will never see produced!

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