Friday, October 16, 2009

Extensive Drachenritterwelt (Dragon Castle World) Galleries

The good folks at Klickywelt, a primarily German forum for Playmobil discussion and trading-- you can tell it's German because unlike English ones, there's decent traffic (and it's in German)-- posted a ton of shots of the new Dragon sets, recently released in Germany and expected in the USA in 2010. While some small sets in a similar style have been out and about since last year, these new ones are huge and seem to have more in common with American fantasy-based castle toy lines like Masters of the Universe than most recent Playmobil releases.

Several new dragons and castles are showcased, and unless these show up as part of a mass market line, expect them in your stores about a year from now. If you can't wait, some forerunners of the line are still in some mass-market stores like Toys "R" Us for fairly decent prices-- minus the giant super-fun looking castle things.

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