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San Diego Comic-Con July 24, 2014

Mezco Toyz is quietly one of the more fascinating small toy companies out there, and now they've got a Batman license beyond their pretty spiffy Mez-Itz. Called The One:12 Collective, this uniquely named line so far consists of one figure - but should open to additional licenses like Universal Monsters, Judge Dredd, more DC, and while not announced I would probably put money on ThunderCats were I going to Vegas. The idea is this: 6-inch figures (1:12 scale, for those not good with ratios) will feature exceptional articulation and cloth costumes - in essence, not-quite-Megos. They're smaller, but more articulated with a better buck.

Images - More SDCC 2014 Coverage and Pictures Below
SDCC 2014 - Mezco Toyz - Batman The One:12 Collective SDCC 2014 - Mezco Toyz - Batman The One:12 Collective

Expected for release this fall, the first figure is Batman based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns - arguably the idealized expression of Reagan-era paranoia with the older, chunkier version of Bruce Wayne that's just too old to care. Pricing is as of yet unknown but I would not anticipate it to be cheap - these look like high-quality collector's items that should go nicely next to your 6-inch scale figures from other manufacturers. They may not be the exact same sizes as Marvel Legends or DC Universe Classics, but they may be pretty darned close.

--Adam Pawlus

Additional Images
SDCC 2014 - Mezco Toyz - Batman The One:12 Collective
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