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San Diego Comic-Con July 2023

UZUMAKI KIRIE! It's probably not news to anyone, but I saw these nifty statues at a booth with Sucklord merch. They have a store.

Images - More SDCC 2023 Coverage and Pictures Below
SDCC 2023 - Unbox Industries SDCC 2023 - Unbox Industries

The Uzumaki Kire Goshima and Azami Kurotani busts run about $65 and are some of the most distinctive things I saw at the show - they grab you and make you ask what the heck you're looking at, and nobody will believe you if you tell them. So you take pictures.

--Adam Pawlus

Additional Images
SDCC 2023 - Unbox Industries SDCC 2023 - Unbox Industries
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