Sunday, August 10, 2008

2009 Playmobil Catalog: See It Today!

Want to see a digital version of all the goodies coming to Germany in the next few months? Well, you're in luck! Just Go here (assuming you have the right plug-ins for your browser) and see this new bad boy with 56 pages of new and new-ish sets.

Highlights include:
- New Specials
- Egyptians
- Family home
- Underwater Expedition (awesome)
- Merpeople
- Ghost Pirates
- Church/Wedding sets

I suppose the church theme is to appeal mostly to that little girl fantasy play, much like a doll house. As such, I'm glad to see them appeal to boys with ghost pirates, but some toy stores, comic shops, and muscle cars would be nice too. (And more dinosaurs. And a mammoth. Can't go wrong with those.)



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