Sunday, February 24, 2008

5835 Sea Life Show Packaged Pics

While there have been no confirmed USA brick-and-mortar sightings (or any at all other than Toys "R" Us' web site we are happy to report that some guy named "segaslash" is selling the 5835 Sea Life Show on eBay. Apparently, it's a Super Set (at least in terms of packaging) and you can see it here. It also shows the back of the box, which shows the first (and probably only so far) baby white seal, a unique rockies formation, an exclusive sign, and some other new-to-this-set components.

Have you seen this set in the wild? Let us know!

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Blogger Segaslash said...

Hi, this is Segaslash, I bought the 5835 Sea life Dolphin Show in Toys R Us Online, the shipping was really fast and I can tell you that I was surprise that Toys R Us has this set online, not even in Germany has this set yet on sale, but I hope we can see these kind of Playmobil surprises more often in our Target or ToysRus stores, We hope some different themes come out not only Zoo or Leisure.

February 25, 2008 12:42 AM  

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