TransFormers Robot Masters
Takara, 2004-2005

Now Available

Standard Line
__ RM-01 Generation One Convoy (Cybertron)
__ RM-02 Beast Megatron (Destron, Beast Wars)
__ RM-03 Rijie (Cybertron)
__ RM-04 Wrecker Hook (Destron)
__ RM-05 R-Blade (Cybertron)
__ RM-06 Air Hunter (Destron)
__ RM-07 Bound Rogue (Cybertron)
__ RM-08 Wingstun (Destron)
__ RM-09 Psycho-Orb (Destron)
__ RM-10 Generation One Convoy with DVD (Cybertron, Metallic)
__ RM-11 Beast Convoy (Cybertron, Beast Wars)
__ RM-12 Starscream (Destron, Generation One)
__ RM-13 Smoke Sniper (Destron)
__ RM-14 Gigant Bomb (Destron)
__ RM-15 Star Saber (Cybertron, TransFormers Victory)
__ RM-16 Victory Leo (Cybertron, TransFormers Victory)
__ RM-17 Victory Saber Gift Set (Cybertron, TransFormers Victory)
__ RM-18 Road Rocket (Cybertron)
__ RM-19 Double Face (Destron)
__ RM-20 Delta Seeker vs X-Gunner (Cybertron & Destron)
__ RM-21 Burning Beast Convoy + DVD (Cybertron, Beast Wars)
__ RM-22 Lio Convoy (Cybertron, Beast Wars II)
__ RM-23 Lio Convoy with DVD (Cybertron, Beast Wars II)
__ RM-24 Reverse Convoy (Cybertron & Destron)
__ RM-25 Thundercracker & Skywarp (Destron, Generation One)

Exclusive Repaints
__ Beast Convoy (Black, Hobby Japan)
__ Beast Megatron (Black, HyperHobby)
__ Generation One Convoy (Black, Dengeki Hobby)
__ Lio Convoy (Black, Dengeki Hobby)
__ Starscream (Black, Figure King)
__ RM-17 Victory Saber (Black, e-HOBBY)

Lucky Draw
__ Brave Maximus
__ Red Weapons Pack (Name unconfirmed)

Coming Soon

Standard Line
__ None

Lucky Draw
__ Convoy Coloring Contest (Details TBD, limited to 10 pieces, not yet seen)

Fan's Choice Selections (July, 2004)
__ 1 Star Saber (Cybertron, Victory)
__ 2 Victory Leo (Cybertron, Victory)
__ 3 Big Convoy (Cybertron, Beast Wars Neo)
__ 4 Road Rocket (Cybertron, Generation 2)
__ 5 God Ginrai (Cybertron, Super God Masterforce)
__ 6 Star Convoy (Cybertron, Battlestars)
__ 7 Predaking (Destron, Generation 1)
__ 8 Lioconvoy (Cybertron, Beast Wars II)

Note: Takara held a sort of "Fan's Choice" contest that started July 2004 to determine an upcoming Robot Masters toy. These selections are not confirmed to be part of the line, but are included here for informational purposes. Since the list, items 1, 2, 4, and 8 have been produced for this line while Predaking and Star Convoy saw production as a G1 reissue. Obviously, these items are unlikely to see a final release.

Last updated 6 June 2006.

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