TransFormers Energon
Hasbro, December 2003-March 2005

Now Available

__ Arcee
__ Battle Ravage
__ Blackout (Combo D3)
__ Blight (Combo D2)
__ Bonecrusher (Combo C4)
__ Command Ravage
__ Cruellock
__ Doom-Lock
__ Divebomb
__ Duststorm (Combo C2)
__ Energon Saber
__ Energon Strongarm
__ Insecticon
__ Kickback (Combo D4)
__ Offshoot
__ Perceptor
__ Signal Flare
__ Sky Shadow (Combo A2)
__ Skyblast
__ Sledge (Combo C1)
__ Stormcloud (Combo D1)
__ Strongarm
__ Terradive (Combo A3)
__ Treadshot (Combo A1)
__ Wideload (Combo C3)
__ Windrazor (Combo A4)

__ Barricade (Combo D5)
__ Cyclonus with Crumplezone ()
__ Demolishor with Blackout ()
__ Demolishor
__ Energon Hot Shot
__ Energon Kicker with High Wire
__ Energon Starscream
__ Downshift
__ Hot Shot
__ Inferno
__ Prowl
__ Rapid Run with Nightcruz and Nightscream
__ Roadblock
__ Rodimus
__ Sharkticon
__ Slugslinger
__ Snowcat
__ Starscream
__ Steamhammer (Combo C5)
__ Storm Jet (Combo A5)
__ Tow-Line

__ Alpha Quintesson
__ Cliffjumper
__ Beachcomber
__ Dreadwing
__ Energon Ironhide
__ Grimlock & Swoop
__ Ironhide
__ Jetfire
__ Mirage
__ Overcast
__ Shockblast
__ Sixshot
__ Treadbolt with Rollbar
__ Wing Saber

__ Bulkhead
__ Landmine
__ Landquake
__ Quickstrike
__ Scorponok
__ Tidal Wave with Ramjet
__ Ultra Magnus with Knock-Out, Astroscope, Payload, and Sky-Blast

Super, Supreme
__ Galvatron
__ Megatron
__ Omega Sentenel
__ Omega Supreme
__ Optimus Prime
__ Unicron with Dead End

__ Autobots SWAT Team: Checkpoint & Prowl ()
__ Mini-Cons Sea and Adventure Teams ()
__ Mini-Cons Road Assault and Space Teams ()
__ Mini-Cons Road Wrecker and Night Attack Teams ()
__ Optimus Prime & Overload (CostCo Exclusive)
__ Powerlinx Optimus Prime vs. Megatron ()
__ Prowl vs. Starscream (Sam's Club Exclusive)

Role Play Toys
__ Megatron Energon Sword
__ Optimus Prime Energon Blaster

Gift Sets (December 2004)
__ Mega Bundle (Super-class Optimus Prime and Megatron in a bundle with a handle, )
__ Value Pack: Two Random Basics (Black cards, )
__ Value Pack: Two Random Basics (Red cards, )
__ Value Pack: Two Random Basics (Red or Black cards, )
__ Value Pack: Two Random Deluxes (Black cards, )
__ Value Pack: Scorponok & Landime ()
__ Value Pack: Ironhide & Jetfire ()
__ Value Pack: Ironhide & Mirage ()

* - Not sighted by

Missing in Action & Cancelled

__ Energon Insecticon (Insecticon repaint)

__ Ultra Magnus with Street Speed Team

Super, Supreme, or Unknown
__ Energon Megatron (black and green repaint, name unconfirmed)*
__ Energon Optimus Prime (red with black drones, name unconfirmed)*

Note #1: While Hasbro has not publicized it, a repaint of Insecticon was displayed at San Diego's Comic-Con International in July of 2004. This item resembled the color scheme of the toy on the package of the regular Insecticon figure, which was different from the final product. A packaged sample was never available and as such, a final name is not known. Reader Monzo pointed us to this image at ASM that shows the toy in a convention setting, OTFCC 2004. Monzo also indicated that Hasbro informed him that this was to be a running change and not a new figure.

Note #2: Before Energon was officially released, advance packaged samples of Ultra Magnus with a repainted Street Speed Team appeared on eBay. The final US packaging shows these toys, and a small batch of these Mini-Cons were created, making them some of the rarest repaints in the world with a handful of units seen on the collector market. The final toy, which was rare in and of itself, included a repaint of the Space Team.

Note #3: Items "Energon Megatron" and "Energon Optimus Prime" are unnamed items that showed up as unpackaged samples on the Web. These items were never released or displayed by Hasbro in any official capacity.

Last updated December 8 2005.

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