G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra
Hasbro, June 2010 - Present

Available Now

2010 Basic Figures
__ 1001 Jungle Assault Duke
__ 1002 Desert Battle Snake Eyes with Timber
__ 1003 Arctic Threat Snow Job
__ 1004 Desert Battle Storm Shadow
__ 1005 City Strike Beachhead
__ 1006 Cobra Commander
__ 1007 City Strike Alley Viper
__ 1008 City Strike Firefly
__ 1009 Snake Eyes with Hurricane Kick
__ 1010 Desert Battle Zartan
__ 1011 Jungle Assault Recondo
__ 1012 Arctic Threat Destro
__ 1013 Jungle Assault Jungle-Viper
__ 1014 Desert Battle Dusty

2010 Toys "R" Us Exclusive Basic Figures
__ Quick Kick
__ Spirit Iron-Knife

__ Deviant with Cyber Viper
__ Doom Cycle with Storm Rider
__ Ghost Hawk with Tomahawk
__ H.I.S.S. v.5 with H.I.S.S. Tank Driver
__ Steel Marauder with Kickstart
__ Wolf Hound with White Out

Exclusive Vehicles
__ Sting Raider with Swamp Viper and Copperhead* (Toys "R" Us Exclusive)

Upcoming Items

2011 Basic Figures
__ 1101 Snake Eyes
__ 1102 Duke
__ 1103 Cobra Shock Trooper
__ 1104 Storm Shadow with Whirlwind Kick
__ Destro
__ Low-Light
__ Shadow Tracker
__ Storm Shadow (Other)

__ A.W.E. Striker with Night Fox
__ Cycle Armor with Ashiko
__ Fury with Alley Viper Officer
__ H.I.S.S. Scout with H.I.S.S. Scout Driver
__ Ice Cutter with Snow Serpent Officer
__ Minotaur with Desert Scorpion
__ Mountain Wolf with Alpine
__ VAMP with Double Clutch

A number of items in this line were modified Rise of Cobra movie toys. Also, a number of toys meant for this line, as well as that one, were flat-out canceled. This is a list of what, to date, seems to be confirmed for release.

Last updated 30 August 2010.

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* - This item was released in Rise of Cobra packaging, but with Pursuit of Cobra branding. It came out far before the rest of the line. We have included it here for completeness' sake.